Jeffery Johnson’s banking career expands 36 years working for large, regional and community banks. Most of his career has been spent in Credit Administration, Lending (Commercial, Consumer and Real Estate), Business Development, Loan Review, Management and Training & Development. Mr. Johnson is now a training professional in the banking industry by leading various seminars covering important topics relating to issues in banking. 

Jeffery Johnson

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Jackson Takach

Chief Economist and Kentucky native, Jackson Takach has dedicated his career to agricultural finance. He joined Farmers Mac in 2005 and his focus is quanitative analysis of credit, interest rate, and other market based risks, as well monitoring conditions agricultural economy, operations information systems analysis and statistical programming. 

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Sarah Mattingly, Partner at Dinsmore & Shohl Lawfirm has become a staple at our Credit Conference. Sarah assists her clients with everything and anything – from their most difficult challenges to a wide variety of everyday issues and problems. This includes contested litigations, complex bankruptcies, real estate and general transactions. She appears in federal courts in the largest cities in the country as well as state courts in the smallest counties throughout Kentucky. 

Sarah Mattingly

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Nancy Flynn

An expert on workplace policy, compliance, and communication, Nancy Flynn is founder & executive director of The ePolicy Institute. Dedicated to cutting legal/regulatory risks and boosting compliance through best practices-based policies and training programs, she’s the author of The ePolicy Toolkit, Writing Effective E-Mail, and other books. A go-to media source for Fortune, Time, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and CNN, she serves as an expert witness in policy-related litigation.

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Alex Demczak

Alex Demczak is a former SEC quarterback for the Missouri Tigers. Alex graduated with a degree in Communication and a minor in Business. Alex is an inspiring communicator, facilitator and trainer who challenges businesses, schools, sports teams, and non-profits to maximize their potential and make a difference. Alex is the author of Thrive U. Alex's mission is to help people increase their performance, enhance their leadership, and maximize their life.

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Karl Nelson

Karl Nelson is the Founder and CEO of KPN Consulting. His career has included senior
positions with Promontory Interfinancial Network and IDC Deposits. In addition, Karl
served as Senior Vice President with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta from 1991
through 2002 where he managed the sales and marketing, strategic planning, and trade
association/regulatory outreach efforts and served on the the bank's ALCO. Prior to
joining FHLB Atlanta, he was involved for eighteen years with various regional banks.

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Michael Wear

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Wear retired as a Senior Analyst in the Credit Risk Administration department of First National Bank of Omaha, a $24B regional community bank, specializing in underwriting larger ($10-100M) commercial real estate loans throughout the country.  In addition, he developed curriculum and conducted multi-tier training programs in credit analytics on an enterprise-wide basis.He is the Loan Portfolio Management Section Leader and serves as a member of the faculty at the Graduate School of  Banking at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, as well as GSB’s Sales & Marketing School and IT Management School.  He is a former adjunct professor for the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He has authored articles for banking publications and has served as a textbook editor/reviewer for the American Bankers Association.


William R. Emmons

William R. Emmons is lead economist in the Division of Supervision, Credit and Learning at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He co-founded and served as the lead economist in the Center for Household Financial Stability from 2013 to 2020.

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Chevelle Hallback

Chevelle Hallback is very talented and wears a lot of hats. She is a professional boxer, an actress, a screenwriter, and a motivational/inspirational speaker. Chevelle is from Plant City, a small town in Florida she calls itty bitty Plant City. Even though she was born in Florida, her father joined the miltary when she was 6yrs old, so Chevelle has lived and traveled all over the world, graduating from high school in Stuggart, Germany.  At the tender age of 7yrs old, after watching a boxing match on T.V of Muhammad Ali, Chevelle dreamed of becoming a professional boxer and felt, with everything in her, that she would be great at it. 18 years later, when female boxing emerged on the scene, she begin to work extremely hard on turning her dreams into a reality. Not only did her dream come true, but she is now a five-time world champion and has fought on 3 major networks, one of the first female to fight on ESPN.  In 2005, a short documentary, 'Fists of Steel', was made about her and shown on the big screen at the Tribeca New York Film Festival. After over 20 years of being in the sport of boxing, Chevelle is now considering hanging up the gloves and concentrate on her acting and screenwriting skills. Also known as a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, Chevelle finds that the film making industry is just another avenue to motivate and inspire others, which is a passion of hers and something she has been doing all her life.